Bel-Ray Bike Wash

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Bel-Ray Bike Wash

Bel-Ray Bike Wash is an advanced, biodegradable micro-emulsion cleaner concentrate specifically formulated for the motorcycle enthusiast. Bel-Ray Bike Wash is hard on dirt and grime, while safe for use on painted, fiberglass, rubber and plastic surfaces as well as on chrome, aluminum and other alloy wheels. Bel-Ray Bike Wash is formulated with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind. However, this product works exceptionally well on many other such vehicle and motor surfaces.

* Softens and lifts most accumulated dirt and grime without rubbing or brushing.
* Easily rinses away with water.
* Environmentally friendly. Contains no volatile solvents or other potentially harmful compounds

For cleaning dirt, oil, grease or gummy petroleum residue from all surfaces and for cleaning grease, grime, sludge, oil and dirt on engines, machinery, tools, plastic, metal and most other materials. Will not discolor metals, paint and other finishes. Also operates as an effective cleaner for industrial equipment and most flooring including concrete and tiles.

* Lifts and softens accumulated grime and dirt without brushing or rubbing
* Rinses away easily with water and contains no volatile or potentially hazardous chemicals
* Available in an environmentally friendly and convenient spray bottle
* 32 oz. bottle

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