Motul 3000 4T Mineral Motor Oil

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Motul 3000 4T Mineral Motor Oil 10W-40

Mineral based 4-stroke engine oil. Formulated with high quality base stocks to improve temperature resistance and engine durability. High lubrication properties.

Recommended for older big bore engines thumpers, twins, oil/air or liquid cooled engines.

* Multigrade oil developed for 4-stroke air- and liquid-cooled engines, with or without wet clutches
* Ultra-refined, premium-quality paraffin-based
* Advanced polymers blended with special additives for unmatched protection, longevity and flow
* High-temperature/extreme-pressure agents made of the finest zinc, phosphorus and sulfur compounds to withstand high-performance riding and racing
* Meets SAE 10W40/20W50 API SG/CD, CCMCG4 standards

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