Motul Chain Lube Road

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Motul Chain Lube Road

* Colorless and sticky lubricant designed for road bikes
* Compatible with O-ring, X-ring, and Z-ring chains; water and salt resistant
* Very strong tack to adhere to chain even at high speeds
* Protects against corrosion and extends chain lifespan
* 9.3 oz. spray can, includes application tube

Product Details:
* Motul Chain Lube Road is a colourless high performance chain spray for road motorcycles and go-karts.
* It is a high quality chain lubricant suitable for all types of chains such as standard chains, O-Ring, X-Ring and Z-Ring chains.
* Sticky lubricant designed for road bike chains.
* It also incorporates a penetrator which allows the lubricant to infiltrate the rollers more effectively.
* It adheres to the chain even at high speeds and is particularly recommended for very fast motorcycles.
* It contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links.
* For best results use Motul Chain Cleaner before applying.
* Reduces friction, loss of power and is low rolling resistance
* Increases chain lifespan.
* Water and salt resistant to help prevent chain rust.
* It has a high resistance to fling.

About Motul:
* Motul is known for first-class lubricants of premium quality.
* Motul is synchronized with the greatest demands on the market.
* Motul products come with international releases and certifications.
* Motul has been the lubricant specialist for more than 150 years.

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